The contemporary languages, not only of the project but the same everyday life, are increasingly fluid, in the aesthetic values, social, economic. Nothing is more eclectic than the evolved ceramic matter, which seems to play free - in an alchemy of synthesis between derivations, intersections and compositions - with other materials: by studying, interpreting and shaping to make them more suitable for all the requirements of contemporary building and living. SET is a true fusion of different materials - cement: SET CONCRETE; cement-fabric: SET DRESS and SET TARTAN; cement with marble: SET GEM; paint: SET WALL; wood: METROWOOD; decoration: METROSIGNS - that intersect to join up one to the other and give life to small ceramic masterpieces.


Standard Colours


  • 33X90

  • 15X90

  • 60,4X90,6

  • 60X60

  • 30X60

  • 120X120

  • 6,8X23,9

  • 7,3X90

  • 30X30

  • 7,3X60

  • 15X74

  • 90X90

  • 1,3X30

  • 33X120


  • Mat

  • Anti-Slip