The careful selection of color points belonging to the family of warm grey makes SHADESTONE a collection with a strong aesthetic personality and, at the same time, delicate. The “stone material” is characterized by a deep three-dimensional graphics and by an almost infinite graphic variety, the result of the most advanced digital technology. The strong aesthetic character is softened and made mildly elegant by the sophisticated color palette of the “Shade” project: a color system developed in five contemporary colors, declined accordingly to a uniform color gradation. Its polyhedric soul, ideal for the most current design projects – interior and exterior – of contemporary architecture, is also expressed through the choice of three different surfaces: natural, polished and structured (the latter designed specifically for outdoor use and also available in 2 cm slabs).


Standard Colours


  • 60X60

  • 9,5X60

  • 9,4X49

  • 15X60

  • 30X60

  • 40X120

  • 30X30

  • 60X120

  • 15X15

  • 90X90

  • 33X120

  • 1,5X30



  • Mat

  • Polished

  • Anti-Slip